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Welcome to SBTjournals

SBT Journals is made available online to the reader without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself. We shall facilitate open access. Accordingly, authors shall agree to make articles legally available for reuse, without permission or fees, for virtually any purpose.


In line with the commitment of SBT Journals to advance learning, knowledge and research worldwide, we endeavor to provide long term stability and total commitment for excellence in research. Our journal articles contain the latest research from a broad sweep of subject areas. SBT Journals strives to occupy a special position amongst academic publishers. SBT Journals recognizes the need of our publishing partners to maintain a high degree of independence while at the same time requiring a high level of professional publishing advice and support.


We welcome excellent authors and editors seeking to publish and market their scholarly manuscripts, monographs, conference proceedings, and research journals.

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