International Journal of Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology
Year Of Started:      2015 Published By:   SBT JOURNALS
Frequency:   Quarterly ISSN:                2455-2747

About International Journal of Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology

International Journal of Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology is an Open-access international peer- reviewed journal that covers all aspects of Drug Delivery system and nanotechnology. The main focus is to bring into lime-light the various aspects of drug product development, formulation and delivery of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic agents. This includes nanoscale pharmaceutics; tools to understand nanoscale pharmaceutical processes in drug discovery and development; design and development of nanoformulations and nanoscale drug delivery systems and their regulatory aspects . The journal has been developed to create a new forum for scientific publications at the interface of nanotechnology and novel drug delivery systems. IJDDN publishes original rapid communications, full research papers and timely state-of-the-art reviews encompassing fundamental and applied research in nanomaterials for drug delivery, nanopharmaceutics, nanomedicine, nanodiagnostics, nanobiotechnology and nanotoxicology of drug delivery carriers. Rapid communications on new findings with breakthrough results will be considered for accelerated publication.