International Journal of Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology
Year Of Started:      2015 Published By:   SBT JOURNALS
Frequency:   Quarterly ISSN:                2455-2747


Dipali S. Kurade*, Prof. D.G.Joshi, Mrs.Bandgar A.

Eye is a window to the outside world and hence it becomes an important part of our body. Ocular drug delivery is one of the most interesting and challenging endeavors facing the pharmaceutical scientist for past 10‐20 years. As an isolated organ, eye is very difficult to study from a drug delivery point of view. Despite these limitations, improvements have been made with the objective of maintaining the drug for an extended period. Recently, controlled and sustained drug delivery has become the standard in modern Pharmaceutical design and an intensive research have been undertaken in achieving much better drug product effectiveness, reliability and safety. Various diseases occurring in the eye cavity are difficult to treat. Promising management of eye ailments depends on effective concentration of drug at the eye for sufficient period of time. Dosage forms are administered directly to the eye for localized ophthalmic therapy. Some diseases require continuous use of medicine and other requires surgery. Lacrisert, Vitrasert, Mydriasert, Prosert etc. are patented technologies useful in the treatment of eye disorders. This article review constrains various novel approaches including in-situ gels, colloidal particles, liposomes, nanoparticles, inserts, microparticles, implants to improve the ophthalmic bioavailability of drugs to the anterior chamber of eye. Some approaches are relatively easy to manufacture, but are limited in their ability to provide sustained drug release.

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